Top 9 Holiday Destinations in the World

Looking for the best holiday destinations when the holidays roll around? Want to make sure you’re living in the lap of luxury no matter where you go? Ready to get out of town and spend your next vacation in style? When you’re planning a luxury vacation, you want to make sure your destination is one of the best. And if you’re not sure where your travels should take you next, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll walk you through 9 of the best holiday destinations in the world and give you some great ideas for your next vacation planning session, too.

#9 – Paris

Okay, you’ve probably been to Paris, and if you haven’t made it there yourself yet it’s probably been on your travel radar for a little while already. But why rule out one of the best and most extravagant trips you can take just because it’s a little old-fashioned? While you’re there, you can stay in some of the finest lodgings in the world and dine on some of the most exquisite food with unique and incredible ingredients, too. Go during truffle season and take the opportunity to sample rare white truffles at some of the most upscale restaurants around the globe.

#8 – Fiji

When you want to get away to the sun and sand during the holidays, Fiji is the way to go. This is an exclusive tropical getaway that can be as private or as “touristy” as you like, depending on your preferences. There are 332 islands that make up Fiji, and some of these are privately owned by individuals who will rent out whole small islands for an incredible getaway you’ll have to experience to believe. If you’re the outdoorsy type, a vacation on a private island with plenty of hiking, snorkeling and diving opportunities can be a perfect way to spend your holidays.

#7 – Switzerland

Stay in Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz, Switzerland for a winter weather getaway you’ll never forget. The lodging itself runs thousands of dollars a night for an exclusive luxury suite that comes with all the on-site amenities Badrutt’s has to offer. Visit the fitness center and spa as much as you like or relax with dinner and a cocktail at the on-location French restaurant. You can experience incredible skiing opportunities by moonlight when you stay at this beautiful winter wonderland.

#6 – Tuscany

Just like Paris, you may have been to Italy before, but if you’ve never been to Tuscany make sure you visit if you have the chance. Stay in a villa that dates back to the ancient Roman era for a luxurious experience in the heart of history or rent a building on one of the oldest vineyards in the country for a more rural stay. Don’t forget to sample some of the incredible wine the region is so well-known for, and if you’re still looking for a chance to try some truffles, you can find black truffle dishes all over this part of Italy.

#5 – Dubai

Chances are good you’ve heard about Dubai as an up-and-coming vacation destination in recent years. This is considered one of the priciest and most money-driven places in the world that you can visit, and if you’re looking for the epitome of the Dubai experience, one hotel has it all. Stay in the Burj Al Arab if you want to be able to say you’ve spent a few nights in the world’s most expensive hotel. With a marble and gold entryway, two levels featuring two separate master bedrooms with their own Jacuzzi spas, and a view from the 25th floor of the hotel, this is truly a suite suitable for royalty.

#4 – Oslo

Dubai may be home to arguably the most expensive hotel in the world, but Oslo, Norway is the most expensive city in the world—so why not visit and see what all the hype is about? There’s a lot of history to be found in and around this city, especially if you have an interest in Viking history. Don’t forget to check out the beautiful surrounding mountains and fjords that make this a unique and breathtaking vacation destination.

#3 – South Africa

Have you ever wanted to go on a safari or maybe just travel to a place you’ve truly never experienced before? Stay at the Royal Malewane at the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa to have the trip of a lifetime. You can be paired with a private tracker to help you hunt big game in the region, visit the on-site spa, and have a private chef tend to all your food cravings and whims while you’re on your getaway. Rent the whole resort for over fifty thousand dollars a night and bring along all of your closest family and friends.

#2 – British Virgin Islands

While any of the British Virgin Islands can offer an incredible tropical vacation—and you can always charter a private cruise to get there and have an even better experience—Necker Island may be the one you want to check out. Visit this private island for eighty thousand dollars per night and enjoy any opportunity you’d like to go exploring. Try scuba diving, waterskiing, hiking, sailing, or just relaxing on the beach to your heart’s content.

#1 – Antarctica

Too cold for you? If you’ve ever wanted to have the kind of vacation that will earn you bragging rights for the rest of your life, don’t forget about Antarctica. Very few people can actually say they’ve ever been here, but with the White Desert Antarctica trip, you can take a private jet to this frozen continent and enjoy an 8-hour outing with a tour guide. After your day exploring the ice, enjoy a champagne dinner and fly back to Cape Town, South Africa, where you can choose to continue your vacation by catching another plane and hitting up #3 on our list. This round-trip Antarctica experience will run almost two hundred thousand dollars and give you the vacation of a lifetime.

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